Woman turns into ‘Space Raider’ after severe allergic reaction to hair dye

A woman turned into an 'Space Raider' after she suffered from a severe allergic reaction from box hair dye.

Teneal, from Idaho, US, decided to top up her colour on her tresses but instead of glossy locks she was left with a swollen face and a red rash.

The mum-of-three noticed her head swelling two days after the initial application. It got so bad she took two trips to the hospital for medical help within a couple of days.

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However, Teneal found humour in her week long agony and took to TikTok to share the progression of the swelling.

At first, the parent had a red and itchy looking rash on the back of her neck and scalp. But this quickly worsened as Teneal's face and undereyes began to puff up – she even had to administer an EpiPen.

In just two days, the mum's reaction got so bad it appeared to change the shape of her head to the point where some people likened her to an 'alien'.

Despite visiting hospital twice, Teneal's swelling did not want to go down.

It got to the point where she couldn't even open her eyes!

She was then prescribed some different antihistamine medication and 'prayed' that it did the trick.

And thankfully, after a week, Teneal's swelling began to go down.

After the original clip had been watched over 17.5million times, the mum shared an update where her puffiness had gone down a "significant amount."

"I was not expecting this video to blow up or anything of the sort," Teneal explained.

"I was just trying to somewhat spread awareness on an allergic reaction that could happen possibly when colouring your hair.

"I've tried to find some humour in this. Thanks for all the well wishes and the super funny names and laughs."

But, Teneal admitted that having new hair was not "worth" the trouble.

Shocked at Teneal's 'alien' transformation, many people fled to the comments to continue to offer their support – and some people even related.

One person gasped: "It just kept getting worse and worse."

Another user added: "I'm so sorry, that looks really painful."

While a third voiced: "The same thing happened to my mum. I was horrified but now we laugh about it."

Someone else mocked: "Oh my days the nostalgia! I ain't seen space raiders in ages."

Meanwhile, a fifth remarked: "At least your hair looks nice"


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