Woman’s horror as husband’s toenails left so long they tear holes in the sheets

Viewers were left horrified after a woman shared her husband's unpleasant antics online, asking for advice on what to do.

TikTok user @purplecats4me wondered if any other viewers had to keep buying new bed sheets because their partners won't cut their toenails.

In her video, she lifts up the duvet and reveals the state of her bed sheet to show how it is left with tiny holes by the feet area.

The woman says: "Anyone else have this problem where you have to keep buying new bed sheets because your husband won't clip his toenails?"

The clip has racked up nearly 823,000 views and 4,000 comments, with some suggesting her to clip her husband's nails like a pet.

One said: "Wrap him in a blanket and de-claw him like a cat."

Some answered her question, saying "I think you are alone on this".

Others joked if she was certain that was her husband.

"I'm really hoping it's a joke and you have a dog or something," a viewer wrote.

Another said: "Your husband is a wolverine or something?"

But a woman said she has had a similar experience as well, adding: "Ughh that's my husband. He accidentally kicked me in his sleep once and my leg was literally bleeding from his damn claws."

The user then posted another clip to reveal her husband, who is also a cat lover.

She also showed toenails on camera and a white bed sheet completely ripped open in half.

Some believed the holes on the bed sheet might have been caused by the cats, rather than the husband.

"There is no way his teeny nails are doing that to the sheets," a viewer said. "It's got to be the cat."

A second asked: "Are you sure it's not the cat?"

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