You need to visit the stunning London art exhibition celebrating the Black female form

Written by Amy Beecham

At Peace is the powerful art exhibition you need to book for 2022.

2021 truly was the year that we all flocked to art exhibitions. From the Tate Modern’s perpetually sold out Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirror Rooms to an immersive installation of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, we’re already looking ahead to what incredible experiences we can book for 2022.

Well, it seems we need to look no further. London’s Gillian Jason Gallery is launching a powerful new exhibition, At Peace, curated by Jade Foster and featuring five leading Black female artists.

Running between 9 December 2021 and 30 January 2022, the works featured in At Peace are described as “unbound by prejudice; subverting and rethinking how Black women and figures have been regarded by Western naturalistic classical and modernist traditions within painting”.

And the results are simply stunning. 

The Date by Sahara Longe

Destination Wedding by Alanis Forde

Lovers by Miranda Forrester

As the exhibition statement explains: “Traditionally depicted as ‘at service’, mocked, or absent, black figures in art are often seen through a racialised lens – as homogenous and primitive. However, the works chosen for At Peace communicate a sense of independence and palpable presence”.

The artists – Alanis Forde, Miranda Forrester, Sahara Longe, Cece Philips, and Emma Prempeh –share similar belief systems as well as an understanding of the pressure within the art industry to conform to expectations of what Black artists ‘should be creating.’ At Peace “therefore seeks to act as a space in which each artist presents, talks about and references their work in their own way and on their own terms”. 

She Likes the Smell of Lavender by Cece Philips

De Speeltuin by Emma Prempeh

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Images: Courtesy of artists/Gillian Jason Gallery

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