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BUNK BEDS for economy passengers are about to become a reality, with airlines soon offering people the chance to book special nap times on their flights.

Getting to sleep on planes is never easy, particularly in economy cabins, where leg room and comfy chairs are hard to come by.

However, Air New Zealand is hoping to change that for its passengers, with the introduction of the Skynest.

It contains bunk beds that can be booked by passengers during flights, meaning those in the cheaper seats can also have access to a lie flat bed during their journey.

The airline has been planning to add the sleep pods for some time and now the Washington Post report that they will be available from September next year.

Passengers will get a four hour slot in which to stretch out, have a snooze and forget about the person in front reclining their seat.

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There will be a half-hour buffer period between each slot so that cabin crew can clean and prepare the beds for their next inhabitants.

Each bed will come with its own eye mask and ear plugs, making it easier for those using the service to drift off.

Six pods will be available on each long and ultra-long haul flight for economy passengers.

Leanne Geraghty, chief customer and sales officer at Air New Zealand, said that the four hour slots offer more than enough time for passengers to get some vital sleep.

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She also promised that people would not be rudely awoken at the end of their slot.

She told the Washington Post: “We know that most people undergo a 90-minute REM (rapid eye movement) cycle.

"So, the four hour block allows them to have two of those REM cycles with time to wind down and then wake back up.

"For those customers that are deep in slumber, the crew will gently wake them as they do every day on our flights when we’re coming in to land after a long-haul flight."

Air New Zealand say they are the first airline to offer such a service to economy passengers, meaning that unless you're flying with them, you're likely to be stuck in your normal uncomfortable seat.

However, there are ways in which people can improve their chances of getting some much-needed shuteye while flying.

Martin Seeley, the CEO and sleep expert at MattressNextDay knows a thing or two about getting to sleep, even on planes.

He has revealed his best tips on how to doze off at 35,000 feet.

One of his tips for getting a good seat for sleeping is to hold back in the airport gate until everyone has boarded.

If you’re the last one to board, you can see where the empty seats are and see if there are any empty rows – allowing you to spread out.

Martin also recommends switching alcohol for water, saying alcohol actually disrupts your sleep and lowers the quality – making you more tired in the morning. 

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