Beach goers panic as plane makes emergency landing right in front of them – The Sun

FAMILIES were left in shock after a plane crash landed into the sea in front of them at a popular beach in the US.

Fortunately the pilot, who was the only person on board, managed to survive the crash without any apparent injury.


The plane landed just off the coast in Ocean City, Maryland, around 6.19pm local time on Wednesday.

Witnesses said that people were panicking when they saw the plane approach.

It had apparently been spluttering and there was smoking coming out from the side.

Charlotte Higdon, who was there at the time, told CBS: "From our angle, it looked like it was coming down in the sand on top of people.

"We were panicking like oh goodness is that going to come down and hit somebody's family on the beach."

In a footage of the crash, the small aircraft was seen descending at speed into the ocean.

At first it seemed to glide over the water, but then it created a huge splash as it landed, before the plane started to sink.

The pilot, identified as 23-year-old Trevor H. Deihl from Reedville, Virginia, was said to have swam from the plane and onto the beach.

Ocean City Police Department said on its Facebook page: "This evening at approximately 6:19 pm, an Ocean City Police Officer observed a small plane make an emergency landing into shallow waters of the ocean in the area of 21st street and the beach.

"There was one occupant of the aircraft who was evaluated by Ocean City Paramedics and released.

"Preliminarily, it appears the plane experienced mechanical problems, however; further investigation is being handled by Maryland State Police."

The plane was still in the water by nightfall.


Earlier this year, a hero pilot managed to steer his plane into the sea to avoid crowded beach and survived with only minor injuries.

And in another accident, the pilot and technician died but 43 passengers and crew miraculously survived.

Previous research has shown that passengers sitting within five rows of an emergency exit are most likely to survive.

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