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SUMMER is a great time to try a unique experience, learn a new skill or just have some fun with your family.

But if you want to get away from screen-time, it can be tricky to find family-friendly activities that's both budget-friendly and entertaining for you and the kids.

The best experiences don't have to cost a fortune, though.

We've picked the best budget-friendly things to do, whether your family is the sort that loves Exploding Kittens or just a simple puzzle.

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1. Puzzles

Long gone are the days of "boring" puzzles.

Now the market is filled with ones featuring exciting images of spectacular scenery, world-famous paintings, and even colour spectrums.

This activity improves memory and problem-solving skills as well as hand and eye coordination. And it'll keep your family busy for hours.

  • FORNORM Gradient Puzzle, Round Jigsaw Puzzles Colorful Rainbow Puzzle, £14.99 from Amazon – buy here

2. Board Games

The board game market has really stepped up its game with lots more options to choose from.

So it's time to ditch the old Monopoly and switch to something a bit more interesting.

There's something for every taste and age – from a memory game for toddlers, to the classic Pandemic board game – you can keep your family focused and working together for hours without spending a fortune.

Best thing is, you can bring them out time and time again.

  • 221B Baker Street Game, £19.50 from Amazon – buy here

3. Creating summer recipes

Who doesn't love light summer nibbles?

Cooking can be a fun and exciting family activity, with some very tasty results.

Who knows, maybe your little one will be the next Gordon Ramsay.

4. City building

Keen to master some creative skills this summer?

Why not use simple materials from around the house – such as paper rolls, paper, glue, and markers – and build an entire city.

You can also make a competition out of it: the person who builds the tallest house wins.

5. Active games

Hide and Seek is always worth trying when you're bored at home.

But why not try a scavenger or treasure hunt as well?

Just hide your chosen treasure and get everyone hunting! And the winners can take turns to hide the treasure for the next round.

There are also plenty of free resources online if you want to set up a scavenger hunt, complete with riddles.

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