Guest shocked to discover ‘blood stained’ carpet at their casino hotel – but there’s a reason for it | The Sun

A CASINO guest was shocked when they checked in to find that their hotel corridor was covered in what looked like blood stains.

The gambler had arrived for a short stay and a flutter, but was disturbed at what they saw as a bizarre interior design option.

They shared a picture of the strange flooring on Reddit, to show other people exactly how strange it was.

They wrote: "The casino hotel I stayed at a few days ago went with blood stained circuit board as its carpet pattern."

The picture showed a faded bronze colour floor with red geometric lines places over the top.

At random points alongside the edge of the carpet are dark red splodges that do appear to resemble blood stains.

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Those on Reddit who saw the picture were concerned about the choice of decor and suggested why the decision had been made.

One wrote: "This way they don’t have to clean up after real bloodstains! Life hack."

Another said: "There’s no way this wasn’t intentional."

A third added: "It's working as intended. They don't want you in the hotel, they want you in the casino."

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While the third suggestion may have been a humorous guess, there may actually be something to it, according to Floor Daily.

David Schwartz, director of the Centre for Gaming Research at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, wrote in an essay: "Casino carpet is known as an exercise in deliberate bad taste that somehow encourages people to gamble."

His suggestion is backed up by Bill Friedman author of the book, Designing Casinos to Dominate the Competition.

He wrote: "Beauty doesn't drive casino play at all.

"Gambling is a hyper experience. Nobody gambles to relax. They gamble for the adrenalin rush. Therefore, it is possible that a more exciting carpet pattern will create a more exciting atmosphere."

The casino hotel is far from the only one with an unsightly carpet.

Pilot Bill Young became an overnight celebrity on Instagram a few years ago when he started to document the carpets in the hotels he stays in.

From Rotterdam to Los Angeles and everywhere in between, Bill's shares photos of the crazy, colourful and surreal patterns he finds on lobby and bedroom floors.

Bill started recording the varying carpets in his hotel rooms on the social media site in 2015, under the handle @myhotelcarpet.

Some of the carpets might not just look grim either.

Former hotel worker Janessa Richard, from Canada, urged in a video on Tiktok: ''NEVER EVER, and I repeat, NEVER walk barefeet on the carpets!" saying they're rarely ever cleaned.

She continued: ''And when I say rarely, I mean like maybe once a year…

''So always make sure to wear socks or slippers!''

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