Here’s Where To Get Sam’s Club’s Floating Picnic Table To Snack & Swim All Summer

When I was growing up, one of the absolute worst parts of a pool party was — well — getting out of the pool. While cake time usually pans out to be the best part of every type of celebration, removing myself from the beloved swimming pool was always kind of a daunting task. But Sam’s Club just released a brand new creation that doesn’t require you to remove yourself from any of your aquatic activities. So, if you’re interested in literally eating your birthday cake on top of the water, here’s where to get Sam’s Club’s floating picnic table.

Sam’s Club floating picnic table is undoubtedly a one-of-a-kind pool float. I mean, in terms of practicality, it singlehandedly blows all other floats out of the water, and you can pick it up on Sam’s Club website. It’s not clear whether they’re also available in store, but you can always call and ask! According to the Sam’s Club website, it’s incredibly stable, which means you can eat an entire five-course meal without anything getting soggy. You can also play a game of poker, or even a round of Jenga, because from what it sounds like, tipping it over is nearly impossible. Just don’t get carried out too far out from shore — you won’t have any paddles, pedals, or a sail… unless you bring your own, that is.

I think the best part of it all, however, is that the Floating Picnic Table can fit up to four adults comfortably, according to the Sam’s Club website. Yes, you heard that loud and clear — and there’s an actual cup holder for each individual person. Wine tasting on the water, anyone? And just take a gander at her beauty. She truly is an exceptional work of art.

Wow, isn’t she a beaut? Sam’s Club’s Floating Picnic Table is truly unlike anything I’ve ever seen. And apparently, it’s super light-weight too. So, if you want to take it on that road trip upstate or if you’re cruising down to the shore, lugging it around won’t be too bad.

As you would imagine, the reviews for the Floating Picnic Table are nothing but positive. One reviewer titled their entry, "Perfect for a lazy day on the water!" It reads: "We have one of these at the summer camp that we direct. It is absolutely fabulous! Everyone loves to have a place to perch in the middle of the water." They continued, offering fun ways to use it. "Sometimes, people will sit at the table and play cards. Other times, we flip it over and lay out on the benches. It is very stable and makes a perfect place for people to hang out in the water." Another review, titled, "So handy at the lake," said their family uses it for "playing (waterproof) cards," eating snacks, and as a "fun resting [and] playing spot while swimming around." Some truly genius ideas, if you ask me.

Picnics on land seem to be a thing of the past now. If you’re cool to throw down $598 for this buoyant beauty, you can have your cake and eat it (in the pool, lake, or ocean!) too. Between these and Sam’s Club Inflatable Party Island, there are so many fun ways to lounge in the water this summer. I can feel my fingers pruning as we speak.

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