Inside the new long-haul budget airline that bans kids in part of the plane

A budget airline has launched new cheap flights between the UK and Thailand – and there is even a section for passengers who want to avoid screaming kids.

Low-cost airline Scoot, which first launched in 2012, has now started bargain flights from London Gatwick to Bangkok this month, with fares as low as £170.

The cheap price is due to it's "no frills" tickets, where passengers pay extra for things like seat selection, meals, blankets, charging slots and WiFi, although passengers get two pieces of cabin baggage under 10kg included.

There is also no inflight entertainment, although you can access things like the menu and games via the ScootHub which is accessed via your phone or tablet.

Passengers can opt for three types of seat – the most basic being the Fly with no added extras.

FlyBag includes 20kg of luggage while FlyBagMeal includes the extra baggage and a hot meal.

If you want to choose your seat, it costs up to £43 – although there is one section which may be worth the extra cash.

Passengers who want to get some shuteye on the flight can even do so without the risk of crying babies, thanks to a child-free zone on the plane.

Called ScootinSilence, the section of the plane bans any passengers under the age of 12, meaning it is the perfect place to kip.

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The website explains: "Scoot in peace and quiet when you reserve seats in our ScootinSilence zone located at the front of all our 787 Dreamliners.

"Besides the exclusive and silent cabin (no kids under 12 allowed here), you can also enjoy additional comfort – every seat comes with an adjustable headrest and you can reserve Super and Stretch seats (where available)."

Previous passengers have praised the area, with one person writing on TripAdvisor: "This ticket still falls under economy class, but I personally think that it is worth the money to upgrade to this area of seating.

"Also, as no kids is allowed, it is a really quiet trip and I like it."

The Telegraph's Emma Featherstone, who also tried it, wrote: "As for my spot in Scoot-in-Silence, aside from one vocal baby, I didn’t catch a peep from the youngsters further back on the plane.

"A wander down the cabin while the lights were low showed my fellow passengers were also taking the opportunity to rest. Protecting the deliciousness of a few hours of slumber is probably worth the extra £43 charge, however."


Other seats you can book on the flight include MaxYourSpace, which lets you buy two empty seats next to you, and ScootPlus, which has all of the extras such as meals, and entertainment.

They aren't the only airline to help travellers who want to avoid kids – Japan Airlines has a revolutionary feature which allows you to check where babies are sitting on a flight.

The icon represents any travellers between eight days and two years old.

According to the airline's website: "Passengers travelling with children between eight days and two-years-old who select their seats on the Japan Airlines website will have a child icon displayed on their seats on the seat selection screen.

"This lets other passengers know a child may be sitting there."

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