Inside the 'purple island' where EVERYTHING is painted lilac – from houses to attractions

AN ISLAND hoping to encourage tourists to visit has painted everything PURPLE – from houses to telephone boxes.

Banwol, in South Korea, decided to paint everything in the lilac hue to match the local flower, campanula.

This includes all 400 roofs of the buildings, as well as telephone boxes and attractions.

Anyone entering what is now called "purple island" can do so via the lilac-painted bridge too.

It was first painted the bold colour in 2015, a decision made by the South Jeolla Province's to "create attractive island destinations".

The island has seen recent attention by Instagrammers.

To boost the attraction to tourists, the government has also planted 230,000sqft of lavender fields, as well as a 30,000 purple New England wildflowers.

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There is now a restaurant, cafe and hotel, along with bike rentals for visitors to the island.

The island isn't very populated – there are just 150 people on Banwol and the neighbouring Bakji Island, many of whom work in farming.

However, it has been popular with domestic tourists due to the pandemic, as travel restrictions in South Korea require a two-week quarantine when returning to the country.

More than 100,000 people visited between June and August last year, a 20 per cent jump from 2019.

The island isn't the first destination to paint itself in one colour – the village of Juzcar in Malaga attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors after it was painted entirely blue for a publicity stunt for the 2011 Smurf film.

The resort town Kuşadası in Turkey also attracted record numbers of tourists after being painted all colours of the rainbow.

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