Instagram’s Cult-Favorite Kitchen Brand, Our Place, Makes Pots Now

Our Place is ready to introduce you to its newest, sure-to-be-cult-favorite kitchen essential: the Perfect Pot.

The mega-popular kitchenware brand released its latest cookware item today, expanding upon the popularity of its best-selling Always Pan. Our Place’s latest offering combines all the best qualities of a stockpot, Dutch oven, roasting rack, braiser, and more, and was designed with the same “game-changing ingenuity” that made the brand’s Always Pan a runaway hit.

Ready to boil, crisp, bake, roast, and steam home cooks’ favorite recipes, the Perfect Pot is the first kitchen piece from the brand that can move seamlessly from the stovetop to the oven. Produced from Our Place’s signature nontoxic, nonstick ceramic coating, it comes in an array of chic colorways, including Spice, Steam, and Blue Salt.

“We had countless requests from customers who wanted a pot to go with their Always Pan,” Our Place’s cofounder and co-CEO Shiza Shahid tells “So we spent months designing the Perfect Pot. Made with the same game-changing ingenuity of the Always Pan, it combines every pot and then some, and makes cooking and gathering way easier. ”

Shahid spoke with BAZAAR last year about how embracing diversity and inclusion—especially in the food world—is imperative to the success of the Our Place brand.

“We’ve been very vocal about the fact that we stand for equity, justice, fairness, inclusion, and representation as a business. … We are a business that creates products that make it simpler and more joyful for you to cook at home, so you can spend more time connecting with the people you love,” Shahid said at the time. “But we exist because we believe in a vision for an inclusive, connected world. And when there is something happening that puts that at risk, it’s our responsibility to speak up and have a voice.”


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