Man labelled 'life saver' for very clever hack to watch films on your phone during flight | The Sun

A MAN has been labelled a "life saver" for revealing an easy way to watching films on your phone during a flight.

Some airlines no longer have entertainment screens built into the seats to save money, with passengers instead able to stream to their phones and tablets.

However, having to hold the phone can make it uncomfortable, especially on long-haul flights.

TikTok user Stephen Murphy came up with a unique solution to allow him to watch his favourite shows in comfort during flights.

In his video, he showed how he uses nothing more than a UK plug to keep his phone propped up at exactly the right angle for him to watch a film while he passes the time on a plane.

By placing the plug on its back and wedging the device within the plug's three prongs, he made a makeshift phone stand, with minimal effort.

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The video has been seen over 760,000 times and received over 26,000 likes.

Other users were very impressed with his method, with one even calling him a "life saver".

One wrote: "This is simple and effective and I love it. Amazing."

Another TikToker said: "I fly in 4 weeks. thanks for the brilliant tip."

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A third suggested that it proved the UK had the greatest plug design, with other countries' two-pin plugs not able to provide the same solution.

They wrote: "Now I get why British plugs are the best in the world."

Another user admitted it was better than the DIY method they had been using before they saw the video.

They said: "This might replace me leaning my phone on my wallet with napkins under my wallet."

Finally, one person simply wrote: "Just in time for my flight this weekend, life saver."

Stephen isn't the only person to have found creative ways around having to hold their phones while watching things on a flight.

The sick bag method is another that is incredibly popular on social media.

This involves wedging the bottom of the plane's sick back between your case and your phone so that it can dangle over the top of the tray table when it's folded up.

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Another traveller used his newspaper to make a phone holder so he could watch things during his flight.

But passengers have been warned against using a certain phone hack on planes.

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