Passenger slams rude family during flight after kids’ constant screaming and kicking – everyone is asking the same thing | The Sun

PASSENGER ranted about his experience being seated next to misbehaved children and sparked a debate about plane etiquette for families.

Everyone is wondering what is the correct response when loud kids on the flight constantly scream and kick. .

The Reddit user slammed a family he sat next to during his air travel to let the steam off.

When he boarded the plane and saw an empty row, he got ahead of himself, thinking he will get three seats to himself.

But the euphoria didn't last long when the passenger realised a family with two kids would join him.

Luckily the flight lasted only an hour, but the children kicked and screamed for the entirety of it.

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The user wrote: " For every single minute of the 60 minutes the child wouldn’t stop kicking, throwing their shoes around, yelling, touching/kicking my thigh.

"The mother attempted to calm them down with an iPad, the child threw the iPad on the floor.

"As if this wasn’t annoying enough, the father and the other child were sitting across the aisle and they wouldn't stop handing things over the aisle or throwing things to each other."

The passenger moaned that he couldn't imagine some parents could be "this bad".

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He wondered why the family didn't book their seats together in advance as that was mandatory for the flight.

And he couldn't comprehend the reasons children couldn't be calm for a single moment.

Many netizens thought that the rant was justified, and shared their opinions on the matter.

One wrote: " Imagine what a pleasure they are to be around at home!! At least your flight was short.

"It never ceases to amaze me how some parents can just ignore the obnoxious behavior like that."

Another agreed, saying: " The mom isn’t doing a good job at making the child behave.

"My mom had an iron control on me and my siblings, doing such behavior like what that child did was unheard of in my family growing up."

Everyone agreed with the post author and blamed the parents of the misbehaved children.

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Someone even suggested creating "childfree cabins" for passengers travelling without kids.

"I want to see childfree cabins business become more popular because of this," they wrote.

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