Plans for huge new zip line attractions in the UK revealed and they sound so fun

Thrill-seekers may want to start planning a city break in Cardiff as the Welsh capital could welcome not one but TWO huge new zip line attractions.

They won't be for the faint-hearted.

Starting from the rooftop of the city's St David's Hotel, riders would launch themselves off from a height of almost 150ft before continuing over the water at Cardiff Bay to finish in front of the Norwegian Church.

So if you dare keep your eyes open, it could make for some pretty spectacular views along the 1,180ft-long wire. 

According to Wales Online , Zip World has put in an application for planning permission from the Cardiff council to build the adrenaline-inducing attraction.

If approved, then the zip lines could be built as quickly as the summer, with an aim to keep them open for 26 weeks between July 9 and January 5.

The two wires would accommodate up to 48 people per hour.

According to the publication, the planning application explains: "The zip wire will start from a temporary, purpose-built platform on the roof of the St David’s hotel.

"Two zip wires will take riders on a fast aerial journey over 350m to land on a 12m platform in Britannia Park – at an exciting but safe gradient of 7.5%.

"From the launch platform and throughout the flight, riders enjoy unique views of the location and much of the Cardiff skyline.

"Visitors will enjoy watching the event and the hotel should benefit from friends and family or riders using the hotel for accommodation and refreshments."

Of course even if the zip wires don't open, Cardiff still makes for a pretty tempting city break.

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