The countries Brits are banned from visiting as Omicron spreads across UK

BRITS have been banned from entering several countries, as Omicron cases surge in the UK.

The UK has put travel restrictions in place to try to curb the spread of the new variant, which is expected to become the dominant strain in London from tomorrow.

But it is not just the UK that has brought in rules to stop the spread.

Several countries have banned Brits from entering, as governments around the world try to protect their citizens.

Anyone with plans for travel abroad in the coming weeks should keep up-to-date with restrictions in the country they are visiting.


Brits are banned from Australia, unless they fall under a specified exempt list, such as if you are immediate family of an Australian citizen.

To enter Australia, you must have proof of a negative Covid test, and, depending on the state, you may have to isolate on arrival.


Bhutan's borders are closed to all foreign nationals, including Brits.

The Bhutan government has not yet specified when the country will reopen to foreign visitors.


The Chinese authorities have suspended all direct flights from the UK.

It is yet to be announced when this rule will be reviewed.

Entry via a third country is still possible.

British nationals travelling to China from a third country must follow the directions on the website of the local Chinese Embassy or consulate for requirements from that country.

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Cook Islands

The borders of the Cook Islands in the South Pacific are closed to everyone unless an exemption is provided in writing by the Cook Islands authorities.

Falkland Islands

Tourists are not permitted to visit the Falkland Islands, including via cruise vessels.

Friends of residents can visit if they are sponsored by an island resident who is present in the Falklands at the time of arrival.

They will be subject to quarantine for up to 14 days.


Indonesia is allowing tourists using visit visas, but those visas are not currently available for Brits.


From Wednesday, Brits will be banned from entering Israel.


Brits who do not have existing resident status are not permitted to enter Japan for any purpose, other an in exceptional circumstances.

Brits with residence in Japan will be denied entry if they are travelling from some African countries.


No visas are being issued to people travelling to Laos from a country with cases of Covid – including the UK.

However, the Lao authorities may consider granting special entry permission for foreigners who are needed for essential project, such as technicians.

New Zealand

The New Zealand border is currently closed to almost all arrivals, including Brits.

You may be able to travel to New Zealand while the border is closed if you are considered to have a critical purpose to travel, for example, if you are a health worker.


All international borders are closed in Suriname, stopping all foreigners visiting, including Brits.


Entry to Malaysia for Brits is prohibited.

Some exemptions may apply, including Brits with permanent resident status and those married to Malaysian nationals.

Any Brits who wish to enter Malaysia will need to seek permission from the local Malaysian embassy or high commission before travelling.


It is not possible for Brits without long-stay visas, residence permits or business visas for Mongolia to enter Mongolia.


Taiwanese authorities have announced a temporary ban on foreign nationals entering the country.

Exceptions apply to foreign spouses of Taiwanese nationals, international students and researchers.

Tongan borders are closed to entry to all foreign nationals, except if authorisation is granted by the relevant Tongan government authorities.


All international commercial flights to and from Turkmenistan have been suspended.


All international commercial flights to and from Turkmenistan have been suspended.

Entry is prohibited except for Turkmen nationals and diplomats.


Vietnam has suspended entry into the country for all foreign nationals.

There are a small number of exceptions for certain highly skilled workers, which will be processed on a case by case basis.

British Airways has slashed more than 2,000 flights until March next year amid air travel uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

The boss of TUI has said that his might be the latest airline to cancel flights.

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