The item you should always pack in your suitcase when travelling abroad, according to Hollywood actor

NEXT time you're packing your suitcase, there is one item you should make sure to bring with you – according to one Hollywood actor.

Henry Golding, who starred in the blockbuster film Crazy Rich Asians as well as a number of BBC travel programmes, explained why he always packs hotel slippers in his suitcase.

Failing that, he says get some super cheap flip flops to pack in your hand luggage, because he says hotel and plane floors are too disgusting to walk barefoot on.

Speaking to Bloomberg, he explained: "I always pack a really cheap pair of flip-flops.

"They take up zero space, so you can just slip them in there. I was doing travel shows around Malaysia […] and the floors in the hotel rooms would be less than desirable.

"The carpets in most business hotels are just absolutely filthy and disgusting.

"So I would wear my flip-flops everywhere, even in the shower. I either bring the free hotel slippers they give you [at five-star hotels] or a pair of Havaianas or Chacos.

"Trust me, you do not want to see what is on those floors."

Hotel expert Jacob Tomsky agreed, telling Sun Online Travel: "The dirtiest part of a hotel room are the carpets.

“Yes, they are vacuumed but they will almost never get a shampoo and a deep clean as there are constantly people staying in the rooms."

And former flight attendant warned passengers to never walk to the plane bathrooms barefoot, sharing her horror stories: "A passenger I had begun talking to outside of work ended up on a flight with me again after we had stopped talking – he went into the lavatory with only socks on and left wet footprints through my galley afterwards."

We've revealed what you are allowed to take from a hotel – and it includes the slippers.

In 2018, a hotel in Japan even came up with "self-parking slippers" to stop people leaving them around the place.

Here are some other packing tips for when you head on your next holiday.

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