The stunning holiday destinations you won't believe are in the UK

DON'T worry about a holiday abroad – the UK has some amazing destinations which look like a much more exotic location.

From the Italian Riviera to a French castle, here are some of the most stunning places you won't believe are actually in the UK.

Kynance Cove, Cornwall

One of the prettiest beaches in Cornwall, Kynance Cove has some of the bluest waters.

The stretch of sand, which is surrounded by dunes and bluebells during spring, looks very similar to some of the beaches in New Zealand.

The rocky terrain is known as the Lizard peninsular, and is the mot southerly point of Britain.

Kynance Cove has also featured in a number of TV shows too, having been used to film Poldark as well as Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie episodes.

Portmeirion Village, Wales

The famous Portmeirion village in Gwynedd doesn't look like the rest of Wales.

The colourful buildings and wildlife have attracted tourists for years.

The inspiration behind the village was the Italian Riviera, built by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis between 1925 and 1975.

However, he often denied claims he based the village on Portofino, and instead says it was a "tribute" to the Med.

Neasden Temple, London

Tucked away in London is BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir  – a Hindu temple in Neasden.

Looking like the temples across India, it was built in 1995 and has no iron or steel, using marble and granite from India and Italy.

It had the Guinness World Record in 2000 for being the largest Hindu temple outside of India.

Sadly it has now been beaten by other temples, but remains a beautiful location in the capital.

Lavender fields, Somerset

Somerset's lavender fields attract tourists – especially Instagrammers – every summer.

They look almost identical to the famous lavender fields of Provence in France.

The season to spot them in France is short, as they flower between mid June to mid July.

The Somerset lavender fields welcome tourists from June to September, although go early to have the best view.

Dunrobin Castle, Scotland

Located in Scotland, Dunrobin Castle looks like something out of a fairytale.

Built in the 1800s, the castle was actually based on another regal building across the ocean.

The epic Palace of Versailles was said to be the inspiration for the building, in particular the gardens.

A recent auction sale of the contents of the Scottish castle's attic made a whopping £732,000.

Tobermory, Scotland

Also in Scotland is the tiny town of Tobermory, on the Isle of Mull.

The pretty harbour resembles another harbour in the Nordics too.

The iconic colourful buildings in Copenhagen are very similar to Tobermory.

The British port even has a legend of a sunken Spanish treasure, although has never been found.

Here are some other parts of the UK which look like exotic destinations abroad.

Many of the castles in Europe inspired some of the iconic Disney castles – including Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty.

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