Tourists frozen in fear while a family of ELEPHANTS raids their hotel breakfast table – The Sun

TERRIFIED tourists were left sitting in silence after a group of elephants crashed their hotel breakfast.

The animals invaded the open dining hall at a hotel in Zambia while families were eating.

In the video, an elephant is spotted in the open lobby where breakfast is being served.

Guests whisper as the elephant takes food from the serving tables, while another elephant and a calf join.

Glasses and plates smash to the ground where they destroy the buffet with their trunks.

They then head to the tables of the guests before scavenging more food, while they all stay still in fear.

Another baby elephant looks on but appears too scared to join in.

Someone in the background can be heard saying "don't move, stay still".

Two of the elephants steal a whole basket of toast while someone whispers it is "so funny".

However, other guests aren't as amused, with one man saying: "Theresa, you have to shut up."

He adds: "They can't see you unless you talk or move. You're endangering people."

The animals eventually leave, as people look on in shock.

The video, posted on Reddit, sparked amusement by other users.

Many found the scared man's response hilarious.

They wrote: "'They can't see you unless you talk…' I don't think that's how eyes work."

Another person added: "He's thinking T-Rexes, from Jurassic Park."

Someone else said: "It's so hilarious. The elephants know exactly what's going on. They are only after the food. They don't even touch or smell the humans, because they know what they are."

Others weren't so scared: "This is so f****** cute tbh and I would be thrilled to be apart of this."

Users claimed the hotel is on an elephant pathway, such as Mfuwe Lodge, which is why they allow the animals to pass through the open kitchen.

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A car driving through Thailand was left crushed after a 34-year-old bull elephant sat on it.

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