Why you should always pack a golf ball in your suitcase – even if you don’t play | The Sun

DECIDING what to pack when you go on holiday is always tricky.

But a travel expert has revealed the one unusual item she always finds space for in her suitcase.

Escape content editor Jana Frawley said that one of the items she always packs is a golf ball, and it's not because she is perfecting her golf swing.

Jana told Escape: "I've not swung a putter since 1999, but that doesn't stop me from packing a golf ball when I go travelling.

"After a day of hiking or sightseeing in a big city, I take off my shoes and roll my trusty Titleist on the soles of my feet.

"It's an instant massage and rejuvenates me for another day of walking."

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Meanwhile seasoned traveller Peter Rothbart never goes away without silica gel packets.

The little sachets often come inside clothing and food packages and are used to keep moisture from damaging the products.

The same theory can be applied to your luggage when you go on holiday, and by chucking a couple of packets among your clothes and electronics, they're less likely to get damp.

Peter told Insider: "I put them in my shoes overnight when I'm hiking, and I keep a few in my camera bag or with other electronics when humidity is high."

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He also always has a postage stamp in his wallet, and a mini-torch on his person if his phone battery dies when he's outside an urban area.

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