You can rent an entire swimming pool for you and your mates on holiday for just £13 each – with BBQs and games included

YOUR hotel swimming pool is likely to be out of action for your next holiday due to coronavirus restrictions.

Thankfully, you can rent a whole swimming pool for your friends and family, starting from just €15 (£13) each.

Launched in 2017, Swimmy lets homeowners rent out their own swimming pool, either for half a day or a whole day.

With thousands of pools across France and Spain, Brits can take advantage of having a whole swimming pool to themselves – although may need to wait a while, with both of the holiday destinations currently on the UK quarantine list.

Some even let you rent the hot tub, towels and barbecues there – the best options include a pool near Barcelona with panoramic views of the city for just €19 each or a heated swimming pool less than an hour from Paris for €20 each.

Having a swimming pool is often one of the most important things for Brits when booking a holiday abroad, yet not all home rentals have them, especially in the busier cities.

Along with strict capacities at public pools and crowded beaches due to coronavirus restrictions, private pool bookings are soaring.

Verónica Lawson Vilches, International Communications Manager at Swimmy, spoke to Sun Online Travel about how it works.

"You can rent it for half a day, or a whole day – it really depends on the owner," she explained.

"A lot of people are using them through the pandemic, as municipal pools aren't allowing people to go in at the moment due to coronavirus restrictions."

"At the beginning of the season, we sent letters to owners on guidelines and Covid advice such as cleaning, washing hands and wearing masks.

"The pool owner obviously wants to keep it clean too, as they still use their own pool during the season."

Disease control experts have insisted the risk of Covid-19 transmission through water is “expected to be low” and there is no evidence it can occur.

Currently, the CDC state that there is "no evidence" to suggest Covid-19 can be spread through pools, hot tubs or water areas as long as they are properly managed and cleaned.

It is also perfect for tourists who book a bargain apartment or Airbnb rental which doesn't have a pool, but want a private experience away from the busy beaches.

She added: "A few pool owners do it with their house on Airbnb as well, but many have decided to only rent the pools.

"Last summer we saw a lot of families, but this year has been busy with bachelor and bachelorette parties, and even weddings held at the swimming pools."

Doris Arce, who lists her own pool in Madrid, goes above and beyond for her guests, even offering coffee and ice cream.

She told local media: "I put a fridge next to the barbecue so they could put their meat and the drinks there."

"Even if it takes time for me to serve them ice cream, I do it for them."

While the pool booking service is only in France and Spain for now, they are looking at expanding to the US next year.

Sadly the UK isn't on the list just yet, with a lack of swimming pools across the country.

However, with France and Spain popular holiday destinations with Brits, it means you can get the private swimming pool experience without the cost.

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