Candyfloss pink, peach and fuschia: meet 2023’s fastest growing hair trend

Written by Morgan Fargo

Like dopamine dressing but for your head.

Experimenting with your hair’s cut, colour and length is always exciting. Whether you divert slightly from your signature style or opt for something totally new, there’s a sizeable thrill when stepping outside of your comfort zone. Next year, you might be influenced to venture even further out with the advent of pink hair in the mainstream. 

A confluence of the copper, apricot, peach and strawberry hair colour trends we saw in 2022, pink hair encapsulates the Barbie-fication of pop culture and joyful, dopamine-inducing colour blocking. Predicted by hairstylist, trend forecaster and presenter Tom Smith, here’s what you need to know about the trending hair colour that will be big in 2023.

“Ever since Valentino sent a totally pink collection down the runway for next season, I have been waiting for signs that ‘Barbiecore’ pink is making its way into the hair world,” says Smith. “Going straight to ‘Pink PP’ inspired hair (the shade created by the Valentino and Pantone collaboration) is unlikely, so here we are seeing the beginnings of interest in the softer shades of pink.

“As this grows in popularity and pink hair becomes less surprising to see, I feel sure we’ll be seeing the super intense, saturated version of this shade. People are not afraid to go bold, and individuality in hair choice is being embraced more than ever – it’s no longer seen as ‘alternative’.”

What to ask your stylist for

“If you’re already blonde, consider a temporary wash of pastel pink to dip your toe into Barbiecore. Pink tones need to be applied to lighter bases so have your stylist add highlights first if you want to try a pink shade on darker hair,” advises Smith.

“Pastel pink fades very quickly, so have your colourist mix you a pigmented conditioner to take home to top things up when you wash your hair. I love the Evo Fab Pro system for incredible shine and customisable tones.”

If this is your first time considering a colour change (and what a colour change it is), don’t rush. Instead, speak with your colourist at length to make sure you’re both on the same page about the type of pink you want, whether it has warm or cool undertones and how saturated the final effect should be. Inspiration pictures are always helpful references, too. With any big change, communication is key!  

Pink hair inspiration

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