Jessica Alba Shares the Ultimate Hack for Achieving Perfectly Symmetrical Winged Eyeliner

Jessica Alba shared her tips for achieving the perfect graphic eyeliner look in five minutes flat for British Vogue — but, she has a little secret: It’s the first time she’s actually attempted the elusive, symmetrical winged eyeliner look on camera, on her own — and of course, she absolutely nails it.

First, Alba applies a lavender shadow as a base to her eyelid and blends the outer edges in a circular motion, using her index finger and a fluffy eyeshadow brush. Then, she transforms a metallic cream eyeshadow into a soft eyeliner, using an angled brush to create an outline for the perfect winged look to come. She then traces over this winged eyeliner shape yet again with a darker eggplant-colored eyeshadow, which she uses as a soft eyeliner after adding a splash of water. Alba follows that with a cotton swab soaked in makeup remover to clean up any off-balance edges. “They’re never even,” Alba confesses, “It’s really hard to get the right and the left matching”.

Finally, Alba attempts a symmetrical winged look by applying a black liquid eyeliner to her upper lash line, and we would never guess that she, as we do, struggles to get them perfectly matching. Her most important tip? “With a graphic eye, you need to have a strong brow because it balances out the face. You see the difference.”

Want to know how Jessica Alba completes her perfect winged eyeliner look? Watch the full clip above.

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