Anna Duggar Defends Yet Another Pregnancy: We Can Totally Afford This, Okay?!?

Anna Duggar is pregnant with her seventh child.

The former reality star made this announcement late Friday night, confirming a long-gestating rumor and sending the Internet into a frenzy.

Reaction to the news, one might say, has been mixed, with fans across social media touching on a number of subjects and asking a number of questions.

To wit:

Anna Duggar is only 32 years old?!?

Because she got married in 2008, and she’s now been pregnant more than a half dozen times, one can do some quick math and determine that she’s had a baby inside of her womb, on average, for nine months every two years.

She’s been pregnant 7 times in 13 years, you guys.

That’s simply incomprehensible.

Josh Duggar is going to be a father again?!?

Yes, unfortunately.

We try hard not to parent-shame around here, considering the challenges of raising children and our unfamiliarity with what celebrities really are facing at home, no matter how closely we follow their lives.

But Josh molested numerous young girls when he was a teenager, including two of his own family members.

That is simply a fact.

He also cheated on Anna — with random women he met via the adultery website Ashley Madison.

We feel rather comfortable in saying that Josh Duggar is a bad person, with a lack of morals, with either pays no attention to his children and/or sets a really awful example for his sons and daughters.

There simply can’t be anyone out there excited for him to raise yet another kid.

How can the couple afford to keep procreating?!?

This is also a common refrain, and it’s one Anna has a strong opinion on.

“How do you afford all those kids? Does Josh even work?” one person asked Anna on social media over the weekend, to which the very busy mother replied:

“Yes, my husband is a diligent worker and provides well for our family.”

First, let’s sadly note how Anna replies to a question about money by immediately bringing up her husband as a provider — because the Duggars believe solely in the so-called traditional roles of a husband working and a wife staying at home.

Secondly, let’s dig into Anna’s clapback and ask:


What, exactly, does Josh do?

In an era where June Shannon can spend a million dollars on drugs and totally abandon her children and still receive a huge paycheck as the lead of her own reality show…

… even TLC decided years ago that Josh’s molestation scandal was a heinous bridge way too far.

The network canceled 19 Kids and Counting and Josh has not been on the air since.

Long before Anna confirmed baby number-seven, there had been chatter that Josh is unemployed and his family is living in a warehouse on his parents’ property.

According to The Sun, it’s actually Anna who is supporting her ever-increasing brood, as she dabbles in real estate and reportedly bought a 1.25 acre of land for $35,000 in February 2020.

She later sold this property for $89,000, earning her a quick profit of $54,000.

As for Josh?

He previously tried to also enter the real estate game, only to be exposed (yes, again) as a lying deadbeat who lost a costly lawsuit and actually cost his familly a ton.

Have we highlighted enough here how much Josh Duggar sucks?

Because, look, THE GUY SUCKS.

To be clear, we don’t blame Anna for lying about her allegedly supportive husband.

Jim Bob Duggar was likely sitting inches away from her with a cattle prod when she responded to the aforementioned troll, ready to cause bodily injury to his daughter-in-law in case she didn’t stand up for Josh.

We just want to make sure everyone understands what’s going on here:

Josh Duggar rolls over… impregnantes his trapped wife every two years… and then makes no effort to acknowledge her or assist her in any way after dropping his seed.

All readers should nothing but sympathy for his much better half.

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