Ashley Benson and Cara Delevingne Just Bought Themselves a $384 Sex Bench

Congratulations are in order for Ashley Benson and Cara Delevingne.

No, the female celebrities are not engaged; nor did they suddenly get up and elope.

But photographic evidence now exists that depicts the actress and the model moving an expensive sex bench into the apartment they share in West Hollywood.

So, yeah. Like we said: Congratulations you two!

Based on social media accounts and photos of the incident, Benson and Delevinge were laughing up a storm while they carried this item through the front gate.

The product, which Jezebel identifies as the $384 Obedience Extreme Sex Bench with Restraint Straps, also has an upgrade that costs $438: the Dicktator Extreme Sex Machine.

According to the manufacturer, the bench is to “act out dark fantasies” or “prepare for intense impact play scenes.”

The “heavy duty piece of sex furniture” also has comfortable padding and an ergonomically shaped bench… which is a nice side benefit.

This means tha neither star is likely to hurt her back while using the bench for its intended purposes.

“You will even be able to go deeper than ever before!” the description reads. “The U-shaped headrest won’t muffle their moans and squeals as you play.”

The bench currently only has 3.5 stars on Amazon, however.

We’ve reached out to Delevingne and Benson for comment, but they have no idea who we are and we can’t imagine that they’d want to discuss their sex life with a celebrity gossip website.

So we doubt we’ll be hearing from them any time soon.

Delevingne and Benson have been dating for about a year.

They haven’t talked much about their romance in any interviews or on Instagram or anything — but Delevingne has been very open about her sex life in general.

“I used to go to clubs but I’d rather have sex than go out now,” she said in March, adding that the best “gift” she could give would be was physical affection to someone else.

“I’m very good at giving love and not at receiving it,” she added. “I find it quite difficult to receive pleasure and love and things like that, so I love to give.”

The model has described herself as sexually fluid and said in this same interview that she’s “very submissive with men,” but acts the “opposite” way with women in bed.

Delevingne kept going and going on this subject, too.

“Part of sex – that connection – is feral. You meet someone but when you go in the bedroom, it’s another animal,” she said.

“To me, that is so interesting. There are certain people who are super-sexy and they flirt with you, then you have sex with them and they are terrible.”

She continued:

“But I like people who seem really prudish then, when they get to the bedroom, they’re like, ‘What?!’ It’s like a whole transformation.”

Delevingne never mentioned Benson by name in this interview.

But it sounds – and looks, based on that photo above – as if things are going very well.

“I can allow pleasure but it’s hard to find that person. I have found them before, sure,” Delevingne said in March.

“That whole courting process of power is very interesting. And it’s a difference with men and women.”

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