Colin Brazier takes a pop at Sky News ‘No agenda? It has a daily climate show!’

Dr Who: People don't like being lectured says Colin Brazier

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Colin Brazier presented Sky News Today for many years between 2014 and 2021, but stepped down at the start of this year to join rival channel GB news. Now the presenter has spoken out against his former employer over a recent advert.

The GB news host, 53, took to Twitter today to share his frustrations with his 55,000 followers. 

He wrote: “It’s bad form to slag off your former employer, I know. 

“But the sanctimony and cant of another Sky advert in the paper this morning is more than patience can endure. 

“‘No agenda’. From a channel that airs a daily climate show?”

He attached a picture of the Sky News advert in the paper, which features the words “no agenda” in bold.

Underneath the tweet, Colin’s followers decided to weigh in on the issue. 

Some Twitter users agreed with him, including Andy Darling who wrote: “Sky News have gone full woke… Like Channel 4 News.” 

Deputy Editor of Breitbart London Jack Montgomery commented: “I remember Sky’s lack of agenda being famously on display when it held a panel discussion in which four out of five paid participants agreed that MPs should block Brexit (‘and to Hell with the will of the people’)”. 

Fredi Threlfall added: “After many loyal years I couldn’t take anymore and I switched off at the @GBNEWS launch day. I thought I’d miss it but I haven’t, and that’s the truth. 

“They were once the best, it’s criminal what has happened to Sky.” (sic)

Geoff Moore wrote: “Amazing how they are obsessed with climate change but their footprint must be huge unless they walk and carry all the cameras, productions teams to footy games etc.”

However, other users felt Colin’s comments about his former employer were unfair. 

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“Weird take. How is a daily climate show ‘an agenda’?” David Alexander commented.

Chris Lowes wrote: “Thanks for this observation Colin, but I’ll stick with Sky over GBNews any day.”

“Sanctimony? Have you watched your own monologues?” Ricky G penned with a crying-laughing emoji.

“Do you feel much more at home at a channel with a clear agenda!?” Sean Breslin added with another laughing emoji. 

Colin worked for Sky News for over 20 years between 1997 and 2021 and notably presented Saturday Live on the channel between 2005 and 2011.

The presenter announced he was leaving Sky for GB News in February 2021. 

On the GB News channel he and Mercy Muroki co-hosted Brazier & Muroki, a daytime “news, interview and debate” programme.

In August 2021 Colin replaced Andrew Neil in his 8pm slot and, following Andrew’s resignation in September 2021, was given a permanent programme at 8pm called Brazier.

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