Denise Richards: Brandi Glanville Spent the Night, But I Didn’t Cheat!

Last week, Denise Richards heard Brandi Glanville’s claims of an affair and flipped the eff out, even trying to make the footage unusable.

In this RHOBH sneak peek, Denise speaks to Lisa Rinna, one-on-one, about what Brandi said.

This week’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will show Denise Richards once again discussing Brandi Glanville’s claims about her.

Brandi claimed that she had badmouthed the others, particularly Teddi Mellencamp, behind their backs.

Most salaciously and most famously, Brandi said that Denise tricked her into having an affair with her, then iced her out and made her feel like a cheater.

In this sneak peek, Denise is turning to one of the only friends who she has left on the show — Lisa Rinna, her friend of many years.

Lisa has put herself forward as someone for Denise to talk to and, more importantly, to have a scene with where she shares her side of the story.

But as you can see in this sneak peek, that scene doesn’t seem to have played out as Denise had hoped.

“I’ve seen her a couple times in my life,” Denise insists of Brandi.

“She wanted to do a podcast,” she recalls, “and I told her I was out of town.”

Denise continues: “so she asked could she come up and interview all of the cast.”

“I don’t know, actually, maybe a day,” Denise says of how long Denise was there.

She then adds: “I think she stayed overnight.”

Notably, that appears to fit with Brandi’s recollection of events — but Denise insists that this is the extent of where their versions of events overlap.

Lisa then has to ask about problem-solving.

“Have you tried calling her,” she asks Denise, “and saying, ‘What the f–k are you doing?’”

“Oh God, no,” Denise replies.

With an ominous smile, Denise hints: “I’m going to handle that through another way.”

The clear implication here is that she is going to employ some form of legal action.

Notably, Brandi has been sued by a fellow Housewife before, at that time for an offhand insult.

“It’s not cool,” Denise insists.

“First of all,” she tells Lisa, “I do not have an open marriage.”\

Denise continues “and I have not cheated on my husband.”

Lisa asks Denise why Brandi would allegedly lie about something like this.

(At this point, it’s sort of unclear what is said, as editing may have trimmed down the conversation into something that can air)

Denise does clearly say “shock value,” however. That much is not in question.

They then delve into Teddi’s hurt feelings.

“From what I got from all of this,” Denise says, “was Teddi got upset thinking I said all of these things about her.”

She then adamantly insists: “Which I did not.”

“Anything that I’ve felt about Teddi,” Denise maintains, “I’ve said to her face.”

“I’m going to be super honest,” she adds. “Brandi said, ‘I want to let you know things that the group has been saying behind my back.’”

Lisa takes an interest, asking: “So, you talked to Brandi about it?” And that is where this sneak peek clip leaves us.

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