‘Descendants’ Co-Star China McClain Cries Over Cameron Boyce’s Tragic Passing

Cameron Boyce’s ‘Descendants’ co-star China McClain took to Instagram on July 7 to share a heartbreaking video of herself talking about the late star’s death and how hard it’s been for her since she heard the tragic news.

Cameron Boyce tragically passed away at the age of 20 after suffering from a seizure on July 6 and ever since the news made headlines, his celeb friends and former co-stars have been taking to social media to express their grief and honor him with tributes. Cameron’s co-star from the Descendants 2 & 3 films, China McCain, 20, is the latest celeb to speak out about her friend’s death in a series of tearful video clips she posted to Instagram and her heartbreak and disbelief is reflected in them.

“Seeing the headlines was just too hard,” she said in the video about her reasoning for staying silent at first. “I don’t really believe that this is actually happening and my mind is just shut down at this point and I’m feeling numb and empty, while going through the emotions.” The sad star then went on to mention Cameron’s family. “To Mr. Vic, Mrs. Libby and Maya…I’m so sorry,” she said. “You guys lost something that the rest of us didn’t lose. You guys lost a son, a brother, and I lost, my best friend…my closest friend, my longest friend. I will never again have a friend like Cameron.” It was then that China broke down and had to recollect herself before going on.

She then referenced a black hat she was wearing underneath a black hoodie in the video and admitted it belonged to Cameron before he one day left it in her room, and she meant to give it back to him, but never did, something she’s now grateful for. “This was actually his hat. He left it in my room when we were filming Descendants 2,” she said.We were hanging out with a couple of friends with one of them being another lifelong friend. We had gone to his room before going out to eat and we raided his closet. I had on his jacket and his sunglasses and his shoes…our other friend took this hat and when we were going to film Descendants 3, I packed it and was going to give it back to him. He didn’t believe that I remembered that. I had planned to give it back to him, but it didn’t happen.”

“And I’m so happy I didn’t,” she continued through more tears. “It feels like God left it for me, and He knew it was going to mean so much more than just being Cam’s hat.” She then ended the video sequence with some positive words. “Cam’s not gone, he’s not just gone. He’s okay,” she confidently said. “When people die they don’t just dissipate into thin air, you guys. He’s good.” After a deep breath she then said, “Cameron, I love you” with a smile.


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In addition to China, Cameron’s former co-stars Debby Ryan, Adam Sandler, and Salma Hayek also took the time to express their sadness about his passing on social media.

Our healing thoughts go out to all those who are affected by Cameron’s death.

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