Fernanda Flores deleted accusatory video about Jonathan Rivera split before reposting it– Here’s why

Several days ago, Fernanda Flores took to YouTube and shared a near 45-minute video explaining why she left Jonathan Rivera after spending Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance documenting their relationship.

It was a damning video, in which she made several accusations against Jonathan, ranging from mental and physical abuse to infidelity and a string of broken promises.

Now, the video has been pulled off the streaming site and some 90 Day Fiance fans might want to know why. Fernanda did make a statement about why the video was removed and it turns out that her reasons might be a bit different than many initially thought.

Apparently, Fernanda’s decision to temporarily pull the video had nothing to do with Jonathan’s comments that he was letting his lawyers deal with several accusations that were made against him in the video.

Instead, she explained in a now-deleted Instagram post that the video was being edited to remove those people who didn’t want to be shown previously.

She wrote, “Unfortunately I will have to take down the video on my YouTube channel for a brief moment due to privacy concerns of some people that are appearing in the video.”

Now, Fernanda Flores’ YouTube video is back in its full length as she continues to tell her truth about why she and Jonathan Rivera split.

In the caption, she explained, “Due to some privacy concerns, some of the images involved in the original video were blurred out and for that reason, the video had to be re-uploaded.”

Here is the new version of Fernanda’s My Truth video with images blurred to protect everyone but Jonathan.

In the comments for the new video, which has been viewed more than 23,000 times since it was reposted, many are showing support for Fernanda and chastising 90 Day Fiance for giving her a bad edit and allowing Jonathan to continue telling his side of the story without her rebuttal.

“TLC did you so dirty.. so happy you came out and shared!” One commenter wrote.

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