Jeremy Clarkson blasts Prince Harry’s ‘gurning’ cameo in Meghan’s video ‘Used to do more’

Prince Harry’s juggling cameo mocked by Karl Stefanovic

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Jeremy Clarkson has taken a swipe at Prince Harry as he pointed out the Royal Family “used to do more”. The former Top Gear presenter made the admission when complaining about needless dress codes in his latest column.

In his latest piece, The Grand Tour presenter called out “strange” dress codes.

He fumed about Henley Royal Regatta’s dress length rules as well as public school dress codes before turning his aim on Black Tie.

The broadcaster detailed its origins from the Royal Family.

The dress supposedly began back in 1865 when Edward VII attended a party wearing it.

The story goes he donned a black suit with satin lapels, a “ferociously complicated” tie and a strip of silk around his midriff when he was still the Prince of Wales.

According to the car presenter, this was then adopted for all events after six in the evening.

However, when recounting how the trend made its way across to America, Jeremy couldn’t help a swipe at the royals.

He penned: “Twenty-one years later word of this new rule reached America, and so, at a party in Tuxedo Park in New York, the sceptics followed suit.

“And I suppose that’s fine. This was the 19th century.

“They didn’t have a pandemic to worry about, so they had the time to spend all day thinking about outfits.

“Plus, they would want to imitate the British royal family because at this point in its history it did rather more than stand outside the window, gurning and juggling,” he added in The Sunday Times.

His comment was seemingly in reference to Prince Harry’s appearance in his wife Meghan’s birthday video.

He appeared in the background of the video she released last week on Archewell to mark her 40th birthday.

Through a window, he was juggling outside on their Montecito estate.

Speaking about the moment, actor Melissa McCarthy revealed he was initially worried the moment might seem “weird”.

Speaking to Access Hollywood, she said: “In comes Harry, you know, and he’s like, ‘I can juggle.’

“He was like ‘Is it going to be weird if I stand outside and juggle?’

“And I was like, ‘Weird in a way that will make me watch it five million times!’”

Elsewhere, Jeremy recently returned to screens with the latest episode of The Grand Tour.

The car show reunited him with Richard Hammond and James May as they headed to Scotland.

Called the Lochdown Special, this saw the trio embark on a road trip across the country.

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