Joe Biden is optimistic about his chances with millions of votes left to be counted

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We wanted two things out of this election: victory for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and a complete repudiation of Donald Trump and Trumpism. We’re not getting the repudiation, but we may yet get the win. As I’m writing this, there are millions of votes in crucial swing states left to be counted, states like Georgia, Pennsylvania, Ohio (which will likely go to Trump), North Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada and Arizona. Many of the votes left to be counted come from absentee ballots, which were widely used like never before because of the pandemic.

Still, there’s panic and dread setting in, because this is just so much closer than anyone thought it would be. It’s more than possible that Biden pulls out a slim win in the Electoral College, just as it’s possible that Trump will sweep the Rust Belt by larger margins than he had in 2016, when about 200,000 votes decided the election over three states.

Joe Biden spoke in the early hours of Wednesday morning, urging calm and confidence. He says that he believes that they’re on track to win the election, but every vote must be counted.

I’m not going to put Donald Trump’s comments in this post. We need to discuss that separately. But right now, I’m feeling… the bargaining phase of grief. I want Biden to win but I also wanted millions and millions of Americans in crucial states to tell Trump to go to hell. That’s not happening.

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