John Stamos Is ‘Disappointed’ In His Interview Where He Mentioned Lori Loughlin’s Scandal

John Stamos wants to clarify that he didn’t really comment on Lori Loughlin‘s college admissions scandal case, but was asked one question during a very extensive interview and that is what became the headline.

On Tuesday (June 25), John tweeted, “I’m actually not speaking out. What I said was I’m not ready to talk about [Lori‘s scandal.]”

He later added, “I guess it was my fault, but I’m disappointed in the @etnow interview I did to talk about #Loveandart show at @MalibuLumberYrd After an hour @nancyodell snuck in a Lori question and that’s mostly what came out of it. Guess I have to keep my guard up at all times.”

If you missed it, here is everything John Stamos said about Lori Loughlin during this interview in question.

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