This ‘Big Brother’ Contestant Looks So Much Like Jason Momoa, He Gets Mistaken For Him

The Big Brother 21 premiere is mere hours away, which means it’s time to get to know the 16 contestants entering the house. One of these soon-to-be reality stars is Big Brother‘s Jack Matthews, who is a 28-year-old Chicago native currently living in Tampa, Florida. His plan for winning the competition is simple: "Be honest, have integrity, and good character," he answered in his CBS bio. Whether that’s enough to get him into the final five remains to be seen, but Jack looks like one to watch — if only for his impressive mane of hair.

While his personal Instagram is currently set to private, there are still plenty of things we can glean about the BB21 contestant ahead of Tuesday night’s premiere. Not only is Jack a fitness trainer, per his CBS bio, but he likes photography, CrossFit, and his dog, Layla. One of his fun facts reads, "I like to sing. I think I’m good at it when I’m by myself," and he can also wiggle his ears. A man of many talents!

Fans will have to wait until Big Brother kicks off to see how Jack fares on the show, but he seems like an intimidating opponent. Here are a few other things to know about him before BB21 airs.

He Has A Celebrity Doppelgänger

As Men’s Health pointed out, Jack looks a lot like Jason Momoa — although his face looks more like Josh Hartnett, to be honest. Either way, the comparisons aren’t lost on Jack. As he said in a CBS interview, he’s never seen Game of Thrones or Aquaman, but he gets confused for Momoa on the regular. "I get used to it kind of every day, whether it’s going through the airport or whatever it may be. ‘Hey Aquaman — saw your movie. Loved it!’" Jack explained, imitating a fan.

He’s *Not* A ‘Big Brother’ Super Fan

In an interview with ET Canada, Jack confessed that he only recently started Big Brother, but he’s enjoying it. "It’s a lot of fun to watch," he told interviewer Ika Wong. "The challenges and the competitions within it — it’s really a blast to watch." Will being a newbie hurt or help his game? Time will tell.

He’s a Videographer & Photographer

According to his private Instagram bio, Jack works for Kirkwood Matthews Media, which appears to mainly feature athletes. The brand was created in July 2017, per Facebook, and their services include "modern video production, photography, media planning as well as distribution," per their website.

He’s Super Into CrossFit

It’s clear that Jack going to be playing more of a physical game than a mental one. In the above video, which is from 2015, he’s shown teaching students how to perform an overhead squat. And he’s an authority on the subject — his bio detailed that he’s able to "snatch 275 lbs," which he explained is "Olympic weightlifting jargon."

He’s Single

Jack told Wong that he’s not in a relationship, jokingly saying, "I’m married to my dog!" However, he said that he’s open to a showmance. "I can’t say that it will happen, I can’t say that it won’t happen," he continued. "I’m definitely just trying to be here right now and just live in the moment and see what happens."

Time will tell whether the Khal Drogo lookalike and his impressively kempt locks will make it far or not, but it definitely seems like he’ll break some hearts along the way.

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