Judi Love ‘felt the strain’ of being a single mum as her kids returned to school

It's been a busy week for OK! columnist Judi Love, who has been juggling her Strictly Come Dancing training with her kids' return to school – so it's no surprise the star is feeling the "strain".

In her latest column – which you can read by signing up for free below! – the star also discusses the importance of Channel 4's Black To Front day and shares her thoughts on talk of another lockdown.

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Last week I was one of the hosts of the On The Bed interview for The Big Breakfast. It was part of Channel 4’s Black To Front Project, a day in which the channel dedicated its programmes to black artists.

By the time you read this, you will also have seen me on Gogglebox with my Loose Women co-host and good pal, Charlene White.

It’s one of my favourite shows to watch so to do it with my friend for this takeover day was an amazing experience. It’s great there’s a whole day dedicated to black entertainers.

Unfortunately, I’m sure there will be some backlash from viewers. Some people won’t be happy about it, but I don’t care. I’m just happy we have this opportunity to leave a lasting legacy.


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Hearing the news of Sarah Harding’s death really hit home for me. It’s so incredibly sad. It makes you worry as she was so young, and it reminds us all to check ourselves regularly.

It must have been so worrying that her cancer was diagnosed during the pandemic, when the NHS was very stretched and services were delayed. Most people are concerned about their health and that’s bound to be heightened during a pandemic.

The sad thing is I’m sure many people didn’t book an appointment because they didn’t want to be a burden or risk being in hospital and potentially catching something. But we all need to realise that our health is a priority and it’s so important to get checked out if we have a concern.


Last week was so busy for me with work and I really felt the strain of being a single parent. The juggling act is relentless. It’s not just school forms and trips, play dates and after-school activities, it’s also ensuring you’re there for your children day-to-day.

The reality is, we can’t put so much pressure on ourselves. What’s important is we love our children. We always strive to try our best and that’s what settled my moment of chaos in the end.


There were reports of there being another lockdown in October, which the government has now denied. The thing is, we’ve come so far as a country, so will it be worth it to lock everyone down again?

A lot of people are contracting the virus, but hopefully there are fewer deaths now. And with so many people now fully vaccinated, you’d hope we wouldn’t need another lockdown.

There are worries about what will happen at Christmas, but all of our kids have gone back to school and people have been able to have their summer holidays. For me, it just means we’ve gone up and up since coming out of lockdown.

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