Kate Beckinsale accuses daughter Lily of ‘doing cocaine’ in bizarre texts

Kate Beckinsale has accused her daughter Lily Mo Sheen of taking cocaine in a string of kooky text messages.

The Hollywood actress text her 20-year-old daughter from her relationship with Michael Sheen and demanded to know, "Are you doing a lot of cocaine?!?"

Offended, Lily hit back, "Um..?? I'm doing 0 cocaine."

Clearly confused about the whole thing, when Lily didn't get a reply she questioned,"What is happening?? Hello??"

"I physically couldn't be doing less cocaine. U can't send me that and then go silent."

Finally Kate replied and explained she'd had a dream that her daughter was up to no good.

"I had a dream you were and I was so mad," she wrote, prompting Lily to brand her a 'lunatic'.

Kate, 45, shared the humorous exchange on her Instagram , captioning it, "Worth checking in case had suddenly become soothsayer in sleep."

She then accused people of using her post to 'stir s***' and brought news presenter Trevor McDonald into the whole thing.

"If you replaced my first text with “Are you dating Trevor McDonald?”, based on a dream, I don’t think anyone would extrapolate that she was, or that I was, or that we both were," she said.

"I am in fact dating Trevor Macdonald and I like to keep it discreet which is why I didn’t post about it on instagram. PS when the text is blue, it’s me. Right, off to sext Trevor."

Widow star Kate dated Lily's dad Michael from 1995 until 2003 before marrying film director Len Wiseman in 2004.

They split in 2016 but have still not signed off on their divorce, which is scheduled to be heard in court next month.

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