Kate Gosselin Poses with the Only Kids Who Seem to Love Her

According to Jon Gosselin, his ex-wife is broke, desperate and lonely.

In a new Instagram photo, however, this same ex-wife has done her best to push back against that third and final description at least.

Kate Gosselin jumped on her social media account on Thursday and shared a couple pictures from a pretty special family occasion.

As you can see above and below, 18-year old twins Mady and Cara are still hanging out with their mother these days and also just graduated from high school.

It’s easy to mock their parents, sadly, but this is an impressive accomplishment for the young women and we hope you join The Hollywood Gossip in saluting the girls.

“This post is a little delayed (mostly due to post graduation exhaustion lol) but I’m still beaming with pride!” Kate wrote as a caption to these images, adding:

“It’s hard to believe that Cara and Mady graduated from high school this past weekend … and are headed off to college in the fall! Where did the time go???”

It certainly appears as if father Jon was NOT present for this ceremony.

It doesn’t appear as if he even acknowledged the occasion online, either.

Concluded Kate in her caption:

“Their Graduation day was such a wonderful day of celebrating THEM and all of their amazing accomplishments! These girls are going places and I can’t wait to see where they end up!

“Cara and Mady, I love you so very much and I’m just so so proud of YOU!”

As has been he case for well over a decade now, Kate and Jon continue to feud, hurling insults back and forth over the other one’s parenting decisions.

There’s been a major twist in the past year or so, however, as 15-year olds Hannah and Collin have grown very close to their formerly absentee dad.

The latter actually lives full-time with Jon, who was granted temporary custody of the teenager in December after he left a special needs facility and Kate didn’t show up for his custody hearing.

In damning legal documents, Jon accused Kate of being a danger to this son.

Hannah, meanwhile, still “belongs” to her mom, she has been spending times of time with Jon and posing for many happy pictures with him. To wit:

There’s clearly a huge family divide here.

According to certain reports, Kate has severed all ties with Collin.

But she remains tight with Mady and Cara, both of whom will star opposite their mother in a dating show that will actually air on television this summer.

It will be titled Kate Plus Date and it will premiere on TLC on Monday, June 10.

“We’ve been nudging her to date for years,” Mady told press members in February of the series and her parent. “She deserves to be happy. Everyone deserves to be happy.”

Kate, for her part, emphasized in this same panel discussion that the show will be “G-rated” and said she hopes to “set an example” for her kids with the way she acts on her dates.

“It was important for me that my kids could watch the show and not feel cringe-y or uncomfortable,” Gosselin said of why there is no making out or fondling or anything on Kate Plus Date.

Check out the trailer HERE.

Will you actually tune in?

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