Kevin Hart Shoots Down Oscar De La Hoya's Boxing Deal, Are You Crazy?!

Sorry, Oscar De La Hoya … you will NOT be making money off Kevin Hart‘s boxing career — ’cause the actor says there’s no way in HELL he’s stepping in the ring for real!!!

If ya missed it … Hart took on poker star Antonio Esfandiari in a fun exhibition match a few weeks ago, and De La Hoya told us he was fired up about the chance to be Hart’s boxing promoter.

At the time, Oscar said, “If he wants a promoter, Kevin, give me a call. I can put you on the big stage here in Vegas live on DAZN.”

When we got Hart out in NYC this week … we had to ask about Oscar’s offer — and Hart couldn’t shut down The Golden Boy faster!!!

“Boxing? I’m 40 years old!” Hart said .. “I can’t box at this age.”

It’s a big bummer … considering there was already HUGE interest in Hart’s sparring sesh with Esfandiari — big stars like Jonah Hill and Don Cheadle had ringside seats.

But, Kevin did leave the door open for a rematch with Antonio in a few years … so maybe call Oscar then???

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