Lorraine Kelly talks rebellious ‘mistakes’ she fears will resurface

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Lorraine Kelly, 63, has hinted at a rebellious past in her younger years when she admitted her relief that social media hadn’t been around when she was growing up, shuddering at the idea of having to “give everything” online. The ITV star reflected that she would not have wanted her mistakes to be on record publicly.

Chatting to Welsh actor Luke Evans during an episode of What If?, the podcast she co-hosts with her daughter Rosie, Lorraine praised the Hollywood star for being “open and accessible” to fans while still managing to maintain his privacy.

“You can’t give everything – you’ve gotta have a wee bit of yourself, for goodness sake,” she empathised.

“Thank God they didn’t have [social media] when I was growing up, Luke. Thank the Lord there was no Facebook and no Twitter… none of that!”

She added emotionally: “We all make mistakes in our lives and we just don’t want them coming back to [us].”

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When Lorraine was a 43-year-old, at Luke’s current age, the internet was still a recent invention and WiFi networks hadn’t been made available to the public yet.

Implying that today’s social media generation might have it harder, she praised the Beauty and the Beast star for getting the balance right between sharing when appropriate and staying private.

Yet Luke admitted: “It’s hard because you never give enough and people often want more… it’s a strange old world, this social media business.”

Of course, nowadays, the TV host has in excess of half a million Instagram followers.

Lorraine uses the app to share her passion for Dundee United, as well as career updates and the little moments in life that give her pleasure.

Her last post, published over the weekend, revealed a photo of her brandishing a watermelon with her face emblazoned on it – a 63rd birthday gift from Andi Peters.

The generational roles now seem to have reversed in the case of Lorraine and daughter Rosie, as she has more social media followers than the 28-year-old, who has just under 47,000 fans.

Lorraine isn’t afraid to be outspoken on the app – or her Twitter account, which she recently used to enjoy a bit of banter with I’m A Celebrity star Boy George on his exit from the jungle.


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She playfully ribbed him about staying in a luxurious hotel in Australia’s Gold Coast after his exit, following on from her suggestions that he’d had a “tantrum” during the show.

On being told by an ITV correspondent of an occasion when he’d hidden behind some trees to avoid being filmed, her face had crumpled in amusement.

“”For goodness sake, there’s cameras everywhere – absolutely everywhere. There is no hiding place!” she chuckled.

Besides banter with fellow celebrities, Lorraine has also spoken openly about her weight loss journey.

After signing up with Weightwatchers, she shed 1.5 stone earlier in the year, which she revealed had been “dead easy” for her.

Meanwhile, Lorraine has also been very candid about the more difficult topics in life, including her deep regret that she hadn’t been able to give Rosie a sibling.

Six years after she was born, she had a tragic miscarriage, back in 2000 – and she and her husband Steve never had any further children.

Admitting that she “ran out of time” without taking action and looking into IVF or surrogacy, she shared her sorrow on the How To Fail With Elizabeth Day podcast.

“Although I wanted to,” she confided, “I didn’t do anything about it.”

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