I gave my baby girl a really spooky name – people always say she’ll struggle when she’s older but I had my reasons | The Sun

SHE couldn't believe her luck when she gave birth to her daughter on Halloween, as she had a spooky name ready in her back pocket.

But when Katie Adams announced that she'd called her newborn Wednesdaigh Adams, the response was unsurprisingly mixed.

She was even trolled on Facebook for the moniker, with lots of people insisting the tot won't be able to spell her name when she grows up because it's so long.

And even Katie's family often struggle to spell Wednesdaigh's name – as well as the names of her other children, Ma’Kynnleigh, Emma’Leigh and Jaxx’syn.

"Some people don’t know who the Addams Family are and have never watched them," Katie told us.

"My friends love all their names and my family can’t spell them.

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"Some people are like 'well they won’t know how to spell their name because they are too long!'

"Or 'why did you spell it that way?'

"So I do get a lot of questions about their names but it’s kind of just whatever, and I don’t really pay attention to most negative things."

Katie also revealed that she'd been wanting to call one of her children Wednesdaigh for years.

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So when she found out that her fourth baby was due on Halloween, she and her husband agreed on the unusual moniker.

"We have always been Addams Family fans and all my kids love watching it," she smiled.

"With my 2021 baby she was born a couple days after Halloween but if she would have been born on Halloween her name would have been Wednesday.

"When I found out my 2022 baby was going to be born on Halloween me and my husband agreed we would do Wednesdaigh."

Among the critical comments from people were lots of suggestions that the name will lead to her being bullied when she's older.

And that's a prospect Katie is prepared for – but she's determined to ensure her daughter is strong enough to stand up for herself.

"As far as bullying, she might because who doesn’t in this day and age," Katie said.

"It’s really common in the schools around here and the principal doesn’t do anything so it wouldn’t surprise me.

"We will just have to teach them to be strong, independent kids and not to take anyone’s bullying."

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