Love Island intruder says he ‘walked through open door’ causing code red lockdown

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The Majorcan villa that plays host to Love Island was forced into a "code red" lockdown on Tuesday as an intruder got inside.

The individual who sparked the alert, Omer Majid has now revealed how he managed to access the compound, claiming that he was able to “walk straight through the front door and head up to the bedroom”.

Omer, 21, has shared a video which appears to show the incident, which begins with him walking through an open villa door.

He then says: “Get me now, ASAP they’ve found us hurry up”.

The shaky video continues and voices can be heard as the prankster says: “I’m in.”

The then boasts: “I just snuck into the Love Island villa.”

The stunt caused worried producers to put a security lockdown in place with contestants being locked into two panic rooms, according to reports.

The Sun adds that Omer had made it into the Love Island diary room before being removed by security, who called the police.

Omer told the publication: “I tried to get into the bedroom to speak to them. I just wanted one of the girl’s numbers, that’s all.”

Omer added that he was planned the break-in for a week but lucked out when he tried the villa front door and found it was unlocked.

He went on to reveal that he had flown to Majorca from the UK specifically to carry out the stunt.

Omer told The Sun: “We flew out the week before and started scouting the villa. We used long lenses to watch the guards patrolling and keeping watch from their watchtowers.

“The first time we tried to break in we spotted a blindspot behind a bush and realised we could climb up through the undergrowth to get to the villa.

“But guards rushed down to stop us, so we pretended to just be tourists taking pictures and they left us alone. We went back the next day, dressed all in black and wearing night vision.”

He continued: “We started climbing up through the bushes, which were planted to really badly cut anyone who goes through them. We heard security looking for us so we froze. Eventually they went away and we kept going.”

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