Mackenzie McKee Claps Back at Hater: I Do NOT Look Like I’m 40!

If you follow her on social media, we probably don’t need to tell you that this has been an exceedingly difficult year for Mackenzie McKee.

Back in December, McKee lost her mother following a lengthy battle with cancer.

As she watched her mother fight for her life, Mackenzie’s marriage to Josh Mckee fell apart, leaving her a single mom to four kids.

At one point, Mackenzie filed for divorce from Josh, but their relationship has since recovered, and the couple is said to be in a good place these days.

Still, one would think that all the turmoil would entitle Mackenzie to at least a modicum of sympathy.

But this is the internet in 2020, a place where cruelty reigns supreme, and many possess the belief that compassion is for the weak.

Despite rumors to the contrary, McKee has not been cast on Teen Mom OG, and so she supports her family through her fitness brand and her sponsored content — most of which is related to her fitness regimen.

Earlier this week, McKee posted the above photo with the following caption:

“I do not go a day in my fitness journey without @justicenutrition such clean ingredients and no BS. If you know me, you know I’m extremely careful about what I put in my body. Go get your hands on some of the best.”

Seems unremarkable, right? The kind of post you see every day scrolling through Instagram?

Well, apparently one of Mackenzie’s followers thought it was so abhorrent that she simply couldn’t go about her day until she made her displeasure known.

“That makeup is way too dark for you,” the commenter wrote.

“You look 40,” she added.

A bit unnecessarily harsh, wouldn’t you say?

Fortunately, McKee didn’t take the abuse lying down.

And her response demonstrated that she possesses a level of emotional maturity seldom found in MTV reality stars (we’re looking at you, Jenelle and Farrah!).

“So positive and uplifting. I love it. Keep it up; you are inspiring,” she replied.

See, folks? That’s how tou hanndle haters.

Calmly remind them of how sh-tty they’re being and then move on with your day.

Obviously, this isn’t Mackenzie’s first encounter with trash-talking trolls.

Last year, an errant shadow on one of her workout pics led to rumors that Mackenzie had suffered some sort of … accident.

Again, she confronted the situation head-on.

“I just had a really fun day at work, and I just posted a really cute picture of me doing a heel stretch in a stunt,” she told fans on her Instagram Story.

“I’m not deleting it because it’s really cute, and I’m really proud of it, but I just deleted about 50 comments — 50 rude comments — of you guys calling it a tampon fail or saying that I s–t my pants,” she continued.

“Guys, look at a picture, look at the smile on my face, tell me it’s cute and move on with your life!”

We used to advocate for Mackenzie joining the cast of Teen Mom — now we’re starting to think MTV should just give her her own show.

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