Matthew McConaughey Asks for Gun Reform at White House Press Briefing

Matthew McConaughey is serious about making a real change when it comes to guns in The United States … meeting with politicians and speaking from The White House after a shooting that killed 19 elementary students in his hometown.

The actor joined the White House press briefing Tuesday, urging politicians on both sides to take action following the Uvalde shooting — saying making a difference in the safety of our country is the best way to honor the lives lost.

McConaughey says he and his wife, Camila, spent a lot of time on the ground with the families of victims of the shooting — sharing stories, tears and memories … and now he is urging those in the highest office to make a change.

Matthew’s words come following a short meeting with President Biden … and a second day of meetings with lawmakers, as Congress mulls over new gun safety legislation this week.

Of course, his speech at the WH isn’t the first time the actor has spoken out on this issue. He took to social media, pleading for gun reform just hours after the shooting.

Well, now it seems he’s taking matters into his own hands … directly pleading with the folks in power to make this time different.

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