Naomi Biden wore Ralph Lauren for her White House wedding this weekend

There was a White House wedding this weekend! This was the first White House wedding in nearly thirty years, apparently. The Obama girls weren’t old enough for weddings, and George W. Bush’s daughter Jenna didn’t marry her husband until W. was out of office. The Clintons were the last family to host a White House wedding, and it was for Hillary Clinton’s brother Anthony Rodham. The last time a president’s daughter/granddaughter married in the White House was back in 1971, the Nixon administration. Just a cool little piece of White House history – and has a whole page devoted to the weddings.

Anyway, this weekend, President Biden’s granddaughter Naomi Biden married Peter Neal. Naomi is a 28-year-old lawyer, and Peter Neal is 25 and a lawyer as well. They actually live in the White House too? WaPo says they live on the third floor of the White House. Might be a security thing. The bride wore a very conservative gown by Ralph Lauren, and Neal wore a formal tux by the same designer. The whole thing was paid for privately by the Biden family, so taxpayers were not footing the bill. There was a wedding planner and everything, and the exterior of White House was decorated beautifully. There are no photos (so far) of the interior, where the reception was held. No details about the food either! I hope they served ice cream, Grandpa Joe’s favorite. About 150 guests, most of them family friends and not administration people.

Naomi was walked down the aisle by her father, Hunter Biden. Naomi is the oldest grandchild of President Biden, who escorted Peter Neal’s two grandmothers down the aisle, then he jogged back down the aisle to retrieve Dr. Jill Biden (lmao). Naomi’s younger sister Finnegan was maid of honor, and her bridesmaids were her other sister Maisy and her sister-in-law Katherine Neal. It all looked so beautiful. Can’t believe they decided on an outdoor wedding in November in the mid-Atlantic though, that was always going to be a crapshoot, weather-wise. They were lucky to only have freezing guests.

Instagrams courtesy of Rafanelli Events and FLOTUS’s IG.

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