Sophie Turner’s Parents Didn’t Know She Auditioned for ‘Game of Thrones’

Sophie Turner‘s parents did not know about her many Game of Thrones auditions until she was in the final seven for the role of Sansa (which she eventually got).

“I didn’t tell my parents that I auditioned for Game of Thrones,” Sophie said during a video series for Vogue Paris with Jessica Chastain. “So, Nina Gold the casting director went around to schools in the area. So like, me and all my friends auditioned. We all thought it was like a fun, jokey thing to do. And we auditioned. And I guess I just got callback after callback…”

“My parents found out when I was in the final seven,” she continued. She said her mom freaked out but her dad saw the importance of the situation.

‘Shut up. This is what she wanted her whole life,’” Sophie said her dad said when her parents found out.

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