Steph McGovern forced to call fire brigade after painful injury to finger left it stuck

Steph’s Packed Lunch: Steph McGovern announces break

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Steph McGovern, 39, has revealed that she called the fire brigade for help after she suffered a painful injury earlier today. The presenter of Channel 4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch previously took to Instagram stories to issue a plea for advice to her followers, after sporting a swollen and bruised finger after catching it in a door. But after multiple attempts to remove a ring which had become stuck due to the swollen joint, Steph resorted to calling in professional help.

How do I get the ring off?

Steph McGovern

Posting snaps of her injury, Steph initially asked her 44,000 followers for advice.

She wrote: “Trapped my hand in a door… my ring took the brunt of the pressure but now the ring is squashed and my finger has swollen.

“How do I get the ring off?

The TV presenter shared a snap of the injury to her right hand, which saw swelling on the lower part of her finger just above a silver ring.

The middle finger looked red and swollen as the former BBC host told how she was desperate to remove the jewellery.

Steph went on to address the methods she had tried to remove the ring.

She explained: “I’ve tried soap, trying to reshape ring, putting ice on finger.”

“Tried that ribbon trick from YouTube too…” Steph added.

She posted a snap of herself trying to use a length of ribbon to remove the jewellery from her swollen finger.

“Hasn’t worked,” she added, while posting an updated snap of her finger that had started to turn purple.

The ribbon trick involves slipping one end of a piece of ribbon under the ring and wrapping the length around the finger unto the knuckle.

Steph would have then unwound the string from the bottom, hoping that the ring would easily slip off.

However, the situation soon took a turn of events as the TV presenter revealed that she had resorted to calling the fire brigade in a bid to remove the stuck jewellery.

Next to a clip of herself getting the ring professionally removed, Steph wrote: “In the end I called @Harrogate_fire_station who said to pop round.

“And these legends fixed it!” Steph gushed while tagging the firemen.

“Thanks Matt, Lisa and Dave” she added, ending the saga.

This is the second injury the star has recently obtained.

Days ago, the Steph told how she suffered a sore eye following a make-up mistake.

Uploading a close-up picture of her injured eye, she wrote: “The result of not taking my eye make-up off properly after the wedding. Chubby eye,” she added alongside two close-up pictures.

The ex BBC Breakfast host has been enjoying a summer break away from her self-titled Channel 4 show.

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