Savvy DIY fan transforms dull bed frame using a TABLE CLOTH to save hundreds – and it's so easy for anyone to do

IT'S normal to want to change up your bedroom every now and again, but sometimes the cost of new furniture can put you off.

But one savvy DIY fan completely changed the look of her space using a bargain table cloth, using it to transform her dull bed frame.

The eagle-eyed shopper didn't want to "spend a bomb" on a new bed entirely, but was sick of the dull grey bed head she was faced with.

So armed with a staple gun and a linen table cloth she picked up for just $12 (£6.27), she managed to get a brand new looking bed and saved herself hundreds,

What's more, the woman said it was "super easy" to do herself and it took her just 45 minutes.

"I wanted a new bed frame but didn’t want to spend a bomb plus shipping,' she explained in Facebook post, showing off her new bedroom.


Rather than the grey colour scheme she once had, the Australian woman now has a modern beige bed instead – and people are obsessed.

"It completely changed the room," she added, proud of her new look bedroom. .

Explaining how she did it, she wrote: "I took the bed apart and laid the table cloths down, cut around each piece leaving enough to pull around to the back then used a staple gun to fix it to the back. Just make sure you pull it tight in all directions."

Dozens of mums commented her on her crafty skills, Mail Online reports, with many desperate to give it a go themselves.

It looks like she may have switched up her bedding to go with her new bed frame design, and the whole space now looks modern and fresh.

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