The Tweets About Apple Reportedly Shutting Down iTunes Are Calling It The End Of An Era

Way back in the day before iPhones and iPads, I received an iPod Nano for Hanukkah. And thus, my very first iTunes account was born. I filled the entirety of my PC’s storage space with Green Day and Simple Plan, and let me tell you: Life was good. That’s why I’m devastated to hear that Apple is reportedly discontinuing its OG music service. I’m not the only one bumming hard, because the tweets about Apple reportedly shutting down iTunes are not here for the reported move, either. People are literally referring to it as "the end of an era." Elite Daily reached out to Apple for comment on the reports the company will announce a discontinuation of iTunes, but did not hear back at the time of publication.

For almost two decades, most Apple users have used iTunes for all things media, since iTunes was released back in 2001. The media player allows users to download and enjoy all types of media, like music, podcasts, movies, and TV shows. iTunes is also the hub that helps manage all your Apple devices. However, according to reports from Bloomberg on May 31, the tech giant is reportedly "ready to move into a new era," which includes reportedly shutting down iTunes altogether. Per the publication, the tech giant reportedly has plans to replace iTunes with a series of new apps called Music, TV, and Podcasts. The report shared Apple will apparently announce the news at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, which takes place from June 3 through June 7. Apple did not immediately reply to Elite Daily’s request for comment on the reports. IDK about you, but I’m seriously devastated at the prospect of saying goodbye to my beloved iTunes.

Some out there in the Twittersphere are simply unloading their sadness. The fall of iTunes will truly be the end of an era, and nobody knows what will become of this major change. Elite Daily reached out to Apple for comment on when iTunes will reportedly be discontinued and what will happen to current iTunes accounts, but did not hear back at the time of publication.

Here’s to all those iTunes gift cards I received as birthday presents, to all the hours spent downloading music online, and — of course — the time I took rating all my favorite songs with five stars. Those memories will be cherished forever and ever.

Similarly, a number of iTunes users are sharing exactly what they’re about to lose. Many are taking screenshots of their iTunes accounts, showing off their favorite music, and remembering their very first downloads. It’s definitely evoking some nostalgic feelings up in here.

Then, there are a couple of positive patties in the Twitterverse who are ready for the transition. Noting that iTunes has been around for quite a while, they recognize that other streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify are better alternatives that don’t crowd your device’s storage space. These guys are ready to let go of all the old memories, and move forward into the era of streaming.

Don’t get me wrong — it is never easy to say goodbye. But, it looks this is actually going to happen, based on recent reports. And with the advent of music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, it makes sense the download age might come to an end. Even so, I will never be able to forget all of those times song shuffle really came in clutch or the unreal anticipation for a new album’s release on iTunes. I, personally, am going to miss the beloved music app dearly, but in reality, I haven’t used it in years. Regardless, RIP iTunes. You will be missed.

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