These Tweets About Miley Cyrus’ ‘She Is Coming’ Album Will Make You Scream, "She’s Back!"

When do you think everyone will be tired of saying "she’s just being Miley" when it comes to Miley Cyrus doing whatever the damn hell she wants? Because frankly, it’s still appropriate to me. Now that her She Is Coming EP is here, it feels like there’s a resurgence of all things Miley. I’m reminded how much I care about her tattoos, her marriage to Liam Hemsworth, her transformation from long hair, to a pixie cut, to her current sassy shag — I care about it all. These tweets about Miley Cyrus’ She Is Coming album show her fans care the most about her new music, and it’s clear to see why. The woman cranks out hits. What can she say? She’s just be— well, you guys get it.

Cyrus dropped the album on May 31 and it’s as glorious as fans expected it to be. Not for nothing, she did a great job building hype. As far back as January 2019, Cyrus first let it slip that two of the song’s titles are "Bad Karma" and "Nothing Breaks." While visiting London, she explained whenever she writes new music she tries to think about what color lipstick she’ll be wearing in the music video (which might be my new, most favorite thing about her). Obviously, this means fans can anticipate some lewks coming out of She Is Coming.

She explained it, "Sometimes the visuals of what I can imagine it looking like can even inspire me in the vocal booth, and so you can put those messages you want to bring – what it’s really about to you – into it. I’m such a visual person, that when I record a vocal take – this is really creepy, this is a girl thing – I imagine what lipstick I’ll be wearing in the music video."

And that’s the magic of Miley Cyrus.

She gave major *ViBeS* when she dropped the album title in a tweet on May 9.

Very important PSA: The tweet includes some seriously intense flashing lights. Jump right on over it if you have an issue with fast motion-graphics and strobe lights.

… You ready?

Alright. Message received.

To be fair, Cyrus’ flashing graphic is a great visual representation of how her fans feel about the new music.

Take a look.

Suffice it to say, I just dropped "Cattitude" on my morning run playlist. Sure, when I say "morning run" I really mean "morning coffee on my couch," but it gets me pumped for my day regardless.

Welcome back, Miley. Everyone loves when you’re just being you.

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