‘They’re not that good!’ Linda Robson and Lesley Joseph’s co-star in swipe at their acting

Celebrity Coach Trip: Matt Richardson mocks Lesley and Linda

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Lesley Joseph, 75, in particular got teary as she explained why the pair had voted for Matt Richardson, 30, and Will Best, 36, to leave the show after a day exploring Braga in Portugal. While Matt and Will told the Birds of a Feather stars they were OK with the decision, away from their co-stars the former couldn’t resist taking a swipe at the pair.

While Matt and Will told the Birds of a Feather stars they were OK with the decision, off camera the former couldn’t resist taking a swipe at the pair.

The comedian addressed Lesley’s tears and joked: “At least she cried!”

Will however suggested that the crying could’ve been an act.

His trip companion joked: “I’ve seen their work, they’re not that good!”

The respective pairs were two of five couples who explored Portugal in the first episode.

At the end, each duo choose another to be voted off the show.

The actresses decided to vote Matt and Will out of the team as they hadn’t got to know them as much as the others.

Lesley said: “Tonight, we are voting for Matt and Will.

Celebrity Coach Trip: Lesley gives a speech to Matt Richardson

“I’m going to get quite emotional saying it now,” she added, choking up.

The actress went on to say they hadn’t “dug underneath the surface” with the presenters, like they had with their others.

Linda apologised for the decision and said they hoped they got to know them more that evening.

Away from Matt and Will, the Birds of a Feather star said she got emotional during the speech because “they were lovely boys”.

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Matt and Will reassured them they were OK with the decision and said it had been a privilege getting to know them.

After the result, the comedian and Lesley were seen hugging before the group headed off for drinks.

Linda and Lesley are best known for starring in the much loved sitcom Birds of a Feather.

The comedy first came to screens in 1989 and a final special episode was aired in December 2020.

In the first episode, sisters Sharon (Pauline Quirke) and Tracey (Linda) are brought together when their husbands are sent to prison for armed robbery.

They soon became an iconic trio when neighbour Dorien Green (Lesley) joined the scene.

Last year, Linda addressed claims there had been a feud between her and Pauline after she was absent from the 2020 Christmas episode.

Fans also raised eyebrows when Lesley was mentioned in a Valentine’s Day post, but not their other co-star.

In July 2021, she said on Good Morning Britain: “We haven’t had a falling out, Pauline don’t wanna act any more, she wants to concentrate on her academy.

“You’ve gotta respect her wishes. We did the Christmas special, they asked us if we’d like to do it and we said yes.”

Celebrity Coach Trip continues tomorrow at 8pm on E4.

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