This Photo Of Chrissy Teigen’s Bruises From Falling Down The Stairs Is One Big "Ouch!"

Social media can be a toxic environment, especially for celebrities who are constantly being scrutinized (and celebrity moms who, for some reason, receive the most hate online). But, no matter what, Chrissy Teigen always remains in good spirits. In fact, she fights back against trolls and haters with what she knows best — humor. If there was a social media hierarchy, Chrissy Teigen would be at the top, because she is honestly so hilarious. Nothing could get her down — well, metaphorically speaking, because the star recently took a tumble down a flight of stairs that left her with a pretty nasty set of bruises, and the photo of Chrissy Teigen’s bruises will have you feeling so sorry for her.

Memorial Day weekend 2019 will be one to remember for Chrissy Teigen. Although her and John Legend’s son, Miles, turned one on May 16, she decided to throw him a birthday party over the holiday weekend that was basically a petting zoo — ponies, goats, sheep, tortoises, and all. It was all really cute, but somehow, throughout the course of the weekend, Chrissy Teigen had a major accident. Maybe it was her being clumsy or maybe it was her worrying about the preparations for Miles’ birthday, but somewhere along the way, she fell down the stairs at her own house. On May 25, she tweeted, "I finally fell down my stairs yesterday. Can’t believe it didn’t happen sooner."

I’m wondering, how high those stairs are for Chrissy Teigen to think that? Anyway, in case you didn’t believe her and just thought she was exaggerating, she offered fans a photo of the bruises she got on her thigh as proof, and I admit, they’re really bad. Ouch. I’m clutching my own thigh in pain at the sight of them. Yup, they look that painful. Apparently, Teigen knows how bad they look, too, because she called herself a "forensics file cadaver." For those of you who don’t watch crime television shows, "cadaver" means "corpse." After seeing her leg, I have to say the description is pretty accurate. (You said it first, Chrissy.)

If that wasn’t enough, she also shared a video of her bruises. I know I said the photo looked bad, but the video is even worse. It seems that the fall really hurt Teigen because she’s lying down speaking in a pretty groggy voice (or maybe she just woke up, idk). But because it is Chrissy Teigen, she couldn’t help but joke about the whole incident.

She can be heard saying in the video, “Oh my gosh, it looks so bad. It’s worth it.”

She even continued joking about it the next day. Apparently, her fall happened on the same day that the whole "Cliff Wife" meme happened. (A YouTuber posted a video of his wife falling down a cliff — or trail? — and his family and friends reacted to the footage.) Teigen said that while the YouTuber made a whole video of his wife falling, John Legend took a trip to Aruba. I’m sorry, but that is hilarious.

In all seriousness, though, I hope Chrissy Teigen is OK. I’m just happy she can laugh about the whole incident now.

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