Tiffany Haddish Hits Laugh Factory Again After Latest DUI, Gets Ride Home

tiffany haddish

Tiffany Haddish had a busy Friday — she was in a jail cell in the AM, and was back to joking in front of a crowd about 12 hours later … but there was a big difference for night #2.

Check out these pics of TH leaving the Laugh Factory in Long Beach, CA late Friday night … where she was scheduled to perform just a day after hitting the Los Angeles location and getting busted for DUI the following morning.

tiffany haddish

Doesn’t look like she let a little thing like an arrest deter her from hitting the stage … ’cause this is her leaving the venue after her set, and she was riding in the backseat with a pal.

We have no idea who this fella is … but he and Tiff seemed to having a ball back there.

In any case, it’s good to see she learned her lesson from earlier in the day — when cops threw her in handcuffs and into the back of a police cruiser in Beverly Hills … booking her on suspicion of DUI, this after they apparently found her asleep at the wheel while parked.

It marks Tiffany’s second DUI in about a year — remember, she’d been arrested for another DUI out in Georgia back in 2022 and is supposed to be going to trial soon to fight it.

Now, as for how this 2nd night at the Laugh Factory went in terms of laughs/crowd reception … no word on that yet. We haven’t been able to find any reviews of how good her set was, but considering LB is L.A.-adjacent — ya gotta imagine she touched on the new DUI.

Like we said, the fact she was brave enough to get back up there after a legal setback like that is telling — Tiff seems to see her gigs through and through, regardless of circumstance.

TH hasn’t addressed the arrest publicly, but she might’ve vented to the audience last night. Time will tell if this latest DUI bust sticks or not … CA’s pretty strict on that kind of stuff.

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